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Guinot Facials Beauty Treatment in Slough

Why not pamper yourself at In Touch Hair & Beauty? Our vastly experienced beauty therapists are able to give you expert advice on a wide range of Guinot beauty treatments.

The therapists have an excellent knowledge of the different types of skin and will find you the right beauty treatment to suit your needs.

Our beauty treatments include facial treatments, manicure, pedicure, waxing and massage. Our salon is beautifully appointed, tranquil and relaxed.

Our Beauty Care Treatments include:

  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyebrow tinting and shaping
  • Guinot face and body treatments
  • Hair removal and waxing
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Hair Removal and Waxing using Cetuem/Guinot wax
  • Body massage

Looking for quality beauty care? Our expert therapists are highly trained and always provide personal care and attention.

About Guinot

Guinot uses a scientific approach to create luxurious, result-oriented skin care and skin treatments. Founded in 1963 in Paris, Guinot's constant focus on quality and improvement has helped this sophisticated brand become a leading skin care company worldwide with a reputation for luxury as well as efficacy. For over 30 years, Guinot has offered advanced, elegant formulas that target skin conditions such as aging, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and sensitivity.


To regain a radiant and luminous complexion, the Hydradermie  programme restores radiance and gives a glowing complexion. Precious active ingredients will work to rehydrate the skin, deep cleanse and help reinforce its natural protective mechanism whilst improving its suppleness.

Hydradermie  Age Logic

A deluxe anti-ageing three-part facial, with added toning and firming serums to revitalise the skin. This treatment focuses on the eye, neck and décolleté areas.

Hydradermie  Lift

A non-surgical facial treatment which includes lymphatic drainage to drain toxins, followed by stimulation to lift and tone muscles. The treatment finishes with a massage followed by a mask. The lift works in the same way that your body muscles are ‘sculpted’ at a gym, from the very first session your face will look younger.

Hydradermie  Lift Deluxe

The ultimate combination of the Hydradermie  Age Logic & Hydradermie  Lift facials.

Hydradermie 2 Lift Express

The perfect maintenance to follow on from the Hydradermie  Lift to help drainage of toxins and stimulation of the muscles as well as increasing blood flow to the face.

Aromatic Facial

This unique, personalised treatment combines the benefits of essential oils with massaging techniques to fill your skin with energy and provide a long-lasting effect. Using natural sources to provide essential oils and plant extracts for the aromatic treatment to bring natural beauty to your skin. Concluding with an aromatic mask that ensures your skin will recover its natural radiance.

Liftosome Facial

The Liftosome Facial has been specifically developed to treat the problems associated with mature skin. Based on pro-collagen, this stimulating thermal facial regenerates and energises, leaving skin firmed and radiant.

Beauté Neuve

Beauté Neuve is a gentle, double-peeling facial containing pure Vitamin C and anti-ageing ingredients to boost radiance, reduce pigmentation, as well as rehydrating and regenerating the skin, letting the glow of new cells shine through. One treatment will restore a radiant complexion, while a course of three will reduce pigmentation marks on the skin, eliminating dead cells and allowing the skin to breathe again.

Hydra Peeling HYDRA PH

Skin renewal treatment. Real alternative to aesthetic medicine for erase visible signs of ageing, recover a radiant complexion, attenuate dark spots and brighten skin tone.

Age Summum

The Age Summum treatment will help treat the immediate signs of ageing; wrinkles and fine lines, loss of firmness and lack of radiance. After just one treatment, the face appears fuller, plumped and more radiant, leaving the skin looking more youthful and restoring that glow.

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